Cleanse Day 5


I know that I promised to give you a few reflections on the cleanse from Joe’s point of view. Unlike me, Joe rarely consumes caffeine in the morning unless it’s a cup of green tea. He finds that coffee sends his Type A personality into overdrive, so cutting caffeine wasn’t nearly the challenge it was for me.

Since he eats what I cook, Joe usually follows a fairly healthy diet. However, let it be known that he can also consume multiple helpings of a dessert I make that he really likes, and he has a particular affinity for bread (read: gluten) and a nightly beer (just one).

Joe eats significantly more than I do, since he has a stellar metabolism and is very active, so I have been making sure to provide him with lots of snacks, particularly those rich in protein like nuts, seeds and vegan nutrition bars, to keep him satisfied throughout the day. I’ve heard Joe say on multiple occasions that he feels great in the morning, better than he did in the past. However, I find that at the end of the day he seems to really crave what he calls “real” food. I’ve done my best to try and cook recipes that are on the heartier side, such as last nights fried corn fritters, lentil meatballs and spaghetti with gluten-free pasta, roasted potatoes with tofu and lots of veggies.

If any of you have other suggestions I would love to hear them! Send the recipes my way.

Here’s what I ate yesterday…

1/3 cup old-fashioned rolled oats (made with water, cinnamon and stevia)
2 tablespoons creamy peanut butter
1 medium banana
Decaf coffee with almond milk
16 oz water

Mid-Morning Snack
I juiced 1 medium apple and 1 lemon in our juicer. Sounds strange but was perfectly tart and delicious at the same time.

Romaine lettuce salad topped with sauteed kale, grape tomatoes, edamame + salsa for dressing
2 slices Udi gluten-free bread with 1/2 medium avocado, sliced
5 strawberries

Afternoon Snack
16 oz water
1 serving Snap Pea crisps (freeze dried sweet peas)
1 cup air popped popcorn

1 homemade gluten-free and vegan cornmeal fritter (made with corn meal, gf flour, and sweet corn kernels among other things and lightly fried in canola oil)
1/4 cup homemade edamame hummus
Roasted broccoli (a lot!)

1/2 of a Larabar with 1 tablespoon peanut butter
1 cup warm soy milk sweetened with stevia
2 Brazil nuts (snagged from Joe while he was snacking/watching TV)



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