Preparing For and Starting the Cleanse {4.13 – 4.14}


This weekend was spent preparing for and starting the cleanse. Since Joe and I don’t eat gluten-free, I felt a little out of my element. Even as a food editor who knows a lot about food, gluten-free isn’t something I’ve dabbled in much personally. I think that throughout the cleanse this will be the most difficult part to maintain since I’m realizing that gluten hides in everything and it takes a lot of extra work to make sure you aren’t accidentally eating gluten. That said, Trader Joe’s makes it really easy to shop for gluten-free items since they do a great job labeling products as gluten-free or made with gluten-free ingredients.

Saturday morning I did most of our grocery shopping for the week. Although we didn’t buy dairy or meat this week, we did end up spending much more than we would typically, about $40 more. Yikes! I think that had more to do with the start-up costs of the cleanse since a lot of the items we bought (vegan butter, gluten-free pastas, nuts and seeds, jars of gluten-free pasta sauce) will last us beyond just this one week.

My greatest preoccupation with the next 21 days is making sure that my active hubby gets enough food and protein. We stocked up on big jars of mixed nuts from Costco, edamame for salads and pastas, black beans, lentils, soy milk and almond milk, and nut butters, all of which are packed with natural sources of protein. I also bought some vegan veggie burgers and tofu, though I’m not sure Joe will have any interest in eating these items.

In anticipation of having to cut out all caffeine for the next 21 days, I made Saturday my first day without coffee or any other caffeine. Man, it was rough. I started off the day with water and two Advil, followed by another two Advil in the afternoon, an afternoon nap and two Advil before bed. I don’t think that I realized how much coffee I really was drinking throughout the day and the impact it was having on my body. It’s a little scary that cutting out coffee required so much Advil, rest and water. It was a bit like recovering from a hangover. Already, I think that I want to make sure that I don’t become so dependent on caffeine after the cleanse ends. Now that I’m two days removed, I can already tell that I am feeling more naturally alert and even throughout the day.

Lastly, we’ve been enjoying this Cocoa Oatmeal for breakfast for the last couple months. It’s already cleanse-approved, so that’s one thing we don’t have to change! Recipe up on Espresso and Cream today!



One thought on “Preparing For and Starting the Cleanse {4.13 – 4.14}

  1. How’s the caffeine detox going? Are you not even having decaf? (I know not all decaf is without caffeine.) I’ve done this too and it’s no fun, but you’ve inspired me to be a little more diligent… I’m still drinking green tea and an occasional regular coffee.

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