Pre Cleanse Day 3 (4.12.13)


1/2 cup old fashioned rolled oats (made with water, cinnamon and stevia)
2 tablespoons natural peanut butter
Handful of chopped walnuts
Homemade almond milk latte

Mid-Morning Snack
Nature Valley Sweet and Salty Granola Bar

Smoothie (made with 1 cup almond milk and 3/4 cup frozen mixed berries)
2 slices whole wheat toast slathered in hummus
2 clementines
Mint tea

Afternoon Snack
1 cup frozen mixed berries mixed with 1 tablespoon peanut butter (I was really searching for anything that made a suitable snack, can you tell?)

Out to dinner with friends who were visiting from Iowa!
Appetizer: We all split an order of vegetarian black bean nachos.
Entree: Greek Salad with hummus, cucumber, tomatoes, feta and olives on Romaine lettuce (sans dressing)
Dessert: We got ice cream after dinner. I ate a portion of my butterscotch-hot fudge sundae.

Throughout the day I felt really good, but after dinner when we got ice cream, I realized how my body is just not used to super sweet desserts anymore. I had a portion of my sundae and felt sick to my stomach. Perhaps it was the combination of sugar and dairy that really did me in. It really made me realize that I would honestly rather have a couple pieces of dark chocolate and skip everything else.



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